Magistrates Court

Do you have a bad debt under $10,000? Did you know it comes within the Magistrates Court jurisdiction and as a rule, lawyers are not permitted to represent parties?  This link to the Magistrates Court will take you to their fact sheets


Are you a small business operating as a Pty Ltd company? Click on this link to ASIC which will take you to a very helpful guide for small business directors.

Department Of Commerce

Are you a retail business looking at leasing premises? Are you unsure of what your rights are when negotiating a lease? Check the Department of Commerce website am.

Department Of Commerce

Perhaps you have employees but you are not operating with a company structure. The Department of Commerce answers many common questions.

Arts Law Australia Info Hub

Are you a struggling artist and finally you have been offered a contract? Are you unsure of what your rights are? Go to Arts Law Australia Info Hub for the answer to many of your questions.

Fairwork Ombudsman

Do you have employment questions about your employees? If you operate a company then go to the Fairwork Ombudsman website which has the answer to many common questions:

Office Of The Registrar Of Indigenous Corporations

Do you need to find out who are the directors and members of an Aboriginal Corporation? Do you want to incorporate an Aboriginal Corporation? Or do you need model Rules. Go to the ORIC website.”

Workcover WA

Click on the link below to take you to the Workcover WA page on workers’ rights, obligations and entitlements.


Click on the link below to go to Comcare where there is a link to “workers” frequently asked questions like “How do I make a claim?”

Seafarers, Safety, Rehabilitation And Compensation Authority

Click on the link below to go to Seafarers Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Authority there is a link to “workers compensation insurance scheme.”

Insurance Commission Of WA

Click on the link below for information about what to do if involved in an accident involving a motor vehicle or motor bike.

District Court Of WA

The link below will take you to the “General/Civil Cases” of the District Court WA which will give you a brief overview of the process that needs to be followed to bring a civil case such as a negligence claim in the District Court of WA.

Australian Administrative Tribunal

The link below will take you to the AAT website.